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About Passion Engineering

A Passionate Engineering Company

We are Passion Engineering; we work in hydraulics, controls, and mechanical systems on important projects with demanding requirements. We are highly skilled, passionate about our projects, and committed to delivering the highest quality work.

Our Principles

We are passionate about doing things right

What We Do

We build safe, reliable, and high-performance hydraulic actuators and systems for machines and structures.

Our core strengths and expertise lie in hydraulics, machinery, structures, and controls.

We employ established engineering procedures and leading technologies, manufacture for quality, and contribute to our engineering and local communities.

How We Work

The ethos of Passion Engineering: Help our clients perfect their machines efficiently and on schedule without compromising results.

This isn’t demonstrated by the quality of our products, systems, and services alone; it’s exhibited every day in how we work: thoughtfully, carefully, diligently, effectively, and transparently.


Lines of communication are direct with those responsible for your projects; nothing is lost in translation through distribution or administrative layers.

We use robust and comprehensive, yet client-friendly methods for management that ensure our customer care and communications are of the highest caliber.

Perfect Your Hydraulic Machines

Elevate machine performance and simplify projects with hydraulics engineered for your application.