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Aerospace Ground Support Hydraulics, Cylinders, and Actuator Systems

Exceptionally Engineered and Detailed

Passion Engineering is built to meet the demands of transporter erector launcher cylinder and other aerospace ground support hydraulics projects.


Passion’s custom cylinders for critical and demanding applications are meticulously engineered for their applications. Our aerospace actuators and systems often incorporate design and construction elements that include:

  • Designs for hazardous areas
  • Corrosion resistant marine-duty rod cladding systems
  • Special accommodations for adjustment and service
  • Pressure Vessel code compliance
  • Fault tolerance
  • Oversized corrosion resistant self-lubricating and greased bearings
  • Designs for environmentally sensitive applications
  • Integral position, pressure, and force transducers
  • Redundant rod and piston seal systems
  • Corrosion resisting gimbal, spherical rod end, trunnion, and other mounts

Designed and Built for Critical Systems

  • Transporter erector launcher (TEL) cylinders
  • Test system cylinders
  • Run stand cylinders
  • Transport systems
  • Motion simulators