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Civil Engineering Cylinders, Actuators, and Hydraulic Systems

Engineered for Safety, Longevity, and to Survive Abuse

Passion Engineering understands infrastructure hydraulics. Hydraulic cylinders, power units, and electrohydraulic actuators must provide long service lives and be easy to inspect and maintain.

Our conservative design philosophy, use of high grade materials, and exceptional documentation align with the expectations of infrastructure contractors, owners, and operators alike.

  • Civil engineering cylinders for submerged, splash zone, and exposed fresh, brackish, and saltwater environments
  • Corrosion and wear resistant stainless steel, cobalt, nickel, and other specialty alloy rod cladding systems
  • Compliance with owner, municipal code, USACE, ASME, ASTM, AWS, and other organization requirements
  • Oversized corrosion resistant bearings
  • Designs for environmentally sensitive applications
  • Integral end-of- stroke proximity switches and position, pressure, and force transducers
  • Corrosion resisting gimbal, spherical rod end, and trunnions
  • Low friction and redundant seal systems
  • Long stroke cylinders with elastic stabilities in compliance with ISO/TS 13725:2016

Designed and Built to Endure

Every custom hydraulic cylinder, power unit, and actuator by Passion Engineering is specifically engineered and constructed to serve the requirements of its application.


Representative Structures

  • Locks and dams
  • Ship and ferry terminals
  • Movable bridges
  • Flood and hurricane barriers

Dam tainter gates

Civil engineering hydraulic cylinders for lock and dam. Culvert valve cylinders and miter gate cylinders lined up at project site. 2016 lock and dam hydraulics project.

Typical Applications

  • Movable bridge cylinders
  • Crest gate cylinders
  • Trash rake cylinders
  • Flap gate cylinders
  • Flood gate cylinders
  • Miter gate actuators and cylinders
  • Sector gate cylinders
  • Tainter gate cylinders
  • Slide gate cylinders
  • Ramp cylinders
  • Lock and dam hydraulics
  • Other civil engineering cylinders

Perfect Your Hydraulic Machines

Elevate machine performance and simplify projects with hydraulics engineered for your application.