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Hydraulic Cylinders, Controls, and Data Acquisition for Test Systems

Engineered for Accuracy, Safety, and Longevity

Passion Engineering’s resources and competencies fit your custom hydraulic test stand, tensile test machine, and fatigue test machine applications perfectly. Every nuance is appreciated and every detail is considered.



Our custom hydraulic actuators and systems for test machines are designed to accommodate the unique needs of their parent systems. We engineer systems for precise, stable, and responsive control of position, speed, acceleration, and force. Other test system accommodations include:

  • Low friction seals, specially prepared sealing surfaces, and other provisions for high-cycle longevity
  • Carefully considered weld geometries, metallurgy, structural element details, and pre-loaded joints for high-cycle fatigue resistance
  • Systems designed for operational flexibility to accommodate future tests, modes, and sequences
  • Control systems with easy to use and intuitive graphical interfaces
  • Telemetry systems with data acquisition and logging
  • Special accommodations for specific test environment requirements; special fluids, extreme temperatures, extreme pressures, shock and vibration, and others
  • Specialty hydraulic systems, mechanisms, and structures
  • Conscientious attention to safety and inclusion of appropriate protections against unintended motions, excessive pressures and forces, hydraulic line breaks, and other hazards

Engineer working with two monitors, LabVIEW screen image, Tensile test tower model


  • Material tensile test cylinders
  • Fatigue and cycle test cylinders
  • Access platform and test fixture cylinders
  • Run-stand cylinders
  • Motion simulators