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Hydraulic Actuator and Systems Engineering

Machines that perform remarkably well over long periods aren’t built by chance. They are realized through the commitments and investments of their owners, installers, manufacturers, and designers. Passion’s devotion to building exceptional machines and hydraulic systems engineering is made plain by our:

  • Appreciation of each project’s unique application demands
  • Investment in personnel and engineering tools
  • Diligence and exploration of design alternatives and iterations
  • Use of high-grade materials and best manufacturing processes
  • Commitment to the technical, scheduling, and documentation needs of our customers’ projects

Advance Your Machinery

Our mission is to help you build better machines and speed your projects. We understand what’s demanded of critical system suppliers and stand ready to assist.

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Desire, alone, isn’t enough to achieve success. Plans, infrastructure, resources, and vision are essential. Our approach includes these and other preparations to ensure your expectations are surpassed.

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Results matter, but exactly how they are evaluated is not always universal. We choose to judge results from our clients’ perspectives.

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Passion’s engineering is all at once disciplined, analytical, expert, and imaginative. We look forward to helping you advance your projects when our hydraulic actuator and systems engineering expertise can help.

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Perfect Your Hydraulic Machines

Elevate machine performance and simplify projects with hydraulics engineered for your application.