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Advance Your Machinery

Liberate Projects from Constraints

Every project’s requirements are different. We don’t take this lightly.

Standard commercial actuators can compromise the reliability and performance of certain critical systems. Our products are specifically engineered to meet the service demands and specifications of our customers’ projects.

Stay on Schedule and Enjoy Clear Communications

We understand that keeping a project on schedule means getting the information you need when you need it. While working with Passion, you’ll speak directly with a project manager or engineer. We won’t waste your time with “sales speak” or inaccurate communications.

Beyond offering high-quality products, we’re always readily available to consult and assist with developments as they arise. We offer our resources and expertise to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Passion’s clients receive comprehensive engineering deliverables with their hydraulics hardware. Detailed component and assembly drawings, bills of materials, code compliance calculations, component data sheets, and other documents are furnished with every custom Passion Engineering actuator and system.

Work with People that Control Costs without Cutting Corners

Passion Engineering demands of itself and pledges to you that only high-quality and best value actuators and systems will be provided. We are committed to the long-term performance of your systems and prioritize the features, materials, and manufacturing processes that go into every actuator and system that we build.

We help control your costs, both short and long-term, by:

  • Considering all cost factors and steps involved in your project, including acquisition, installation, commissioning/testing, operations, and maintenance.
  • Collaborating with clients to reduce acquisition costs by tailoring components and subsystems to specific project requirements.
  • Creating value with innovative and efficient solutions to unique challenges.

Build High Performance Machines

Advancing machine performance requires more than actuators that have just been fitted with tight seals and low friction bearings. They demand hydraulics that are leak-free and long lasting; accurate and high-capacity; fast and stable.

Passion Engineering designs actuators and supporting systems that improve the performance of your critical structures and machines. Our careful consideration of your application includes the analyses, calculations, and material studies necessary to ensure that all hazards are addressed and all performance objectives are met.

We understand the interconnectivity of engineering design elements and exercise due diligence to ensure that project objectives, both explicit and implicit, are not achieved at the expense of others.

Demand Safety and Durability

“Heavy duty” should be more than a phrase in a proposal or just text on a label. At Passion Engineering, it defines our philosophy of investing in upgraded materials, engineering wherewithal, and manufacturing technologies to produce the most robust hydraulic actuators available.

Protect your systems against the risks and rigors that they will experience throughout their lifespans. Our components and subsystems are thoughtfully designed and thoroughly tested to make your investment long-lasting and durable.

We consider worst-case possibilities throughout the course of every project. Our components and subsystems are made in preparation for the unexpected. Random impacts can occur, maintenance schedules can slip, and machines can get overloaded – and our products endure through it all.

Trust Us to Help You Manage Risk

When you choose Passion Engineering, you get a project partner that proactively identifies potential safety, environmental, performance, schedule, economic, and other risks. We believe it is our responsibility to help you mitigate risk and control your installation and other field costs.

You can be assured you will get the most carefully engineered, manufactured, and tested actuators and hydraulic systems available. We are an engineering company operated by expert engineers who have worked in difficult real-world environments and understand how details affect projects.

Perfect Your Hydraulic Machines

Elevate machine performance and simplify projects with hydraulics engineered for your application.