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Engineering Approach

Passion’s Approach

Exceptional results stem from carefully considered approaches.

Ours includes the following tenets:

Customer Dedication

Passion’s dedication to its customers is evident in everything we do – from upgraded alloys and highly conservative designs to our exceptional availability. Corners are never cut; not in our designs and not in the way that we approach your needs.

Partnering with Passion Engineering, you will work directly with accomplished engineers that are interested in your project and invest themselves in its success. Never content with mediocrity, we leave no stone unturned to ensure excellence, value, and safety.

Meaningful Experience

Insights developed over decades of hands-on work inform our designs and allow us to efficiently solve complex challenges. Our vast experience allows us to see issues and risks around corners so we’re able to address them proactively.

Our engineers have experience with some of the toughest applications and environments on earth. If your hydraulics application is outside the ordinary, Passion offers you the know-how to identify and effectively navigate its technical nuances and concealed hazards.

Engineering Competency

Passion’s team is highly skilled in a wide variety of engineering disciplines and continually invests in the research and tools to best solve machinery challenges.

Our expert engineering thwarts problems. Machines last longer, perform better, are easier to maintain, and cost less when they are competently engineered. Likewise, complicated and paradoxical project objectives are more consistently achieved when accurate and sophisticated analyses are available to support and inform the design effort.

Value Assurance

Passion Engineering prioritizes the high-quality materials, engineering work, and manufacturing processes that go into its deliverables over marketing campaigns and other resource allocations that don’t add value to your projects.

We take great pride in the quality of our products and offer them at competitive prices without cutting corners.

Culture of Quality

Attention to quality and a conservative design approach are central to our culture. Quality is a serious data-driven pursuit – not a slogan or throwaway statement.

Our dedication is evident in every step of our design process, from formal reviews of calculations, analyses, and drawings, to consistent application of best practices and adherence to our QMS. Our approach isn’t haphazard; we work with purpose to reduce risks and enhance all metrics of product performance.

Design Rigor

Details matter. We understand that success and failure are sometimes a thousandth of an inch apart. We therefore concern ourselves with an innumerable list of seemingly small details to ensure easy installations and exceptional inservice performance. Our rigorous analyses, repeated design iterations, and careful consideration of installation and service needs yield cylinders and systems that excel in all measures


Transparency and honesty drive our conduct. We respond to our customers as promised and strive to exceed expectations.

Passion Engineering’s products and systems always comply with customer specifications and applicable third-party requirements

Effective Communications

Working with Passion, there are no surprises and no miscommunications because we deliver accurate and timely information to our clients.

Our engineering group is readily available to discuss project details and address questions and issues as they arise.


Passion’s problem-solving creativity and analytical bent team together perfectly. Complex machine actuation challenges are solved by applying sound engineering principles with a broad palette of insights gained across a diverse range of industries and critical applications.

Customized Solutions

We relish opportunities to help organizations perfect their machines. With custom engineered cylinders and hydraulic systems, we can help you eliminate design and performance concessions that standard, cataloged products might otherwise necessitate.

Drawing upon wide engineering, material, and manufacturing technology palettes, our engineers develop custom solutions to every project’s unique challenges. We offer the requisite creativity, engineering passion, and commitment to excellence necessary to reliably tackle applications involving:

  • Critical position, force, and motion control requirements
  • Sub-sea installations
  • Long strokes and high forces
  • Special material requirements
  • High-cycle applications
  • Stringent code compliance requirements
  • Aerospace ground-support and test applications
  • Electrohydraulic actuators and valve/actuator assemblies
  • Extended lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Aesthetic requirements (architectural, entertainment, theatrical, yacht)
  • And more!

We Want to Help Your Projects Succeed

Elevate machine performance and simplify projects with hydraulics engineered for your application.