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Engineering Results

Exceptional Products, Defined:

Passion Engineering merges ingenuity, diligence, and technology with advanced manufacturing techniques. Passion drives hydraulic actuators and systems that are exceptionally:

  • Accurate
  • Capable
  • Efficient
  • Fast
  • Stable
  • Quiet

Fit for Application Demand

Materials and engineered details of every actuator and system are carefully selected to satisfy their application requirements. We welcome projects that involve:

  • Mission critical applications
  • Submerged and splash zone service
  • Challenging and hazardous environments
  • Extreme ruggedness requirement for shock, impact, and abuse tolerance
  • High-cycle, fatigue-prone applications
  • Precision motion control
  • Safety-critical systems
  • Demanding code, standard, and customer specification requirements
  • Unusual mount and mating system interface configurations
  • High force and torque applications
  • Weight sensitive applications
  • Aesthetic requirements
  • Inaccessibility for regular inspection, service, and maintenance
  • Environmentally sensitive areas


Machines fail when foreseeable project-specific conditions aren’t carefully considered when their hydraulics are designed. We understand this reality and pay close attention to all project details – obvious and obscure.

Passion invests the time and resources to investigate the “what ifs” and to appropriately size components, select materials, and include features that prevent failures. We don’t leave anything to chance; we examine rod buckling, bearing wear, transient overloads, contamination, temperature extremes, corrosion, and hundreds of other concerns that impact reliability.

Superior Value

Passion’s value promise is not encapsulated by hollow expressions or tired clichés. Our commitment is witnessed by the investments we make in the processes and materials that go into our products.

Superior value is our standard. All Passion products include upgraded materials, painstaking attention to detail, repeated design iterations, significant quality assurance processes, and more.

We take our commitment to superior value as an obligation to consider your short, intermediate, and long-term needs.


Every component and system Passion Engineering ships is designed, built, and tested with safety in mind. Holding a conservative engineering approach, we strive to consider and address every possible failure mode and hazard.

Customer requirements and specified codes, rules, and standards are respected. Complete design documentation is provided, as required, to verify compliance.

Passion Engineer’s embrace of safety doesn’t wrap up with the design stage; equal care and diligence are devoted to our manufacturing, quality assurance, NDE, testing, and manual development efforts.

Long Lasting

Pausing operations to replace machinery components is at least disruptive – if not worse. Passion therefore invests in the features and materials necessary to deliver long-lasting hydraulic, mechanical, and control products and systems. A portion of the considerations that Passion examines to ensure longevity includes:

  • Metal fatigue
  • Material, coating, plating, and cladding systems
  • Protections against contaminants
  • Component case pressures and vent systems
  • Bearing and wear surface contact pressures
  • Galvanic, friction, and wear compatibilities of contacting materials
  • Electronic and control system filters and protections
  • Rotating, pivoting, and sliding machine alignments
  • Vibration control
  • Heat generating mechanisms and cooling systems
  • Dynamic and transient loads and factors of safety
  • Motor loads, controls, cooling, and worst case operating environments
  • Cavitation wear in pumps, valves, and manifolds
  • Environmental degradation of non-metallic materials
  • Sealing systems and contacting surface finishes
  • Alloy heat treatments
  • Status/condition monitors and interlock systems
  • Over-pressure protection; intensification, thermal, dynamic
  • Locking provisions at critical threaded joint


Passion’s actuators and systems are carefully and conscientiously engineered for easy maintenance. An example of the measures we take include:

  • Maximize visual and physical accessibility of service parts
  • Minimize need for special tools
  • Include jack-bolt holes or other features to aid disassembly
  • Include lifting and handling accommodations
  • Employ alignment dowels or other alignment mechanisms
  • Include test, bleed, sampling, and other connection points
  • Include lubrication provisions (manual, remote, automatic) or selflubricating materials as appropriate
  • Include drip/containment pans with drains beneath reservoirs and filter assemblies
  • Size cabinets, junction boxes, and conduits generously
  • Clearly mark wires, terminals, fluid lines, and fluid ports
  • Include pilots and tapered lead-ins on machined parts and pins
  • Carefully examine thread profiles, assembly lubricants, locking compounds, corrosion protection, torque
  • requirements, and paint considerations at threaded fastener joints
  • Provide complete and accurate manuals, drawings, and schematic

Well Documented

Passion’s actuators and systems are supplied complete with comprehensive, detailed documentation packages. Packages typically comprise assembly and manufacturing drawings, design data, bills of materials, manufacturing data, schedules, component data sheets, test procedures and reports, manuals, and other appropriate or required project specific documents.

Our detailed and well-organized documentation packages are designed to facilitate your design reviews, quality audits, installation, commissioning, and maintenance efforts.

Easily Installed

Installation considerations are important. We understand the costs and risks associated with large and otherwise complicated hydraulic system installations. Passion Engineering proactively identifies and addresses potential complications and considers system interface, mechanical alignment, lifting and manipulation, plumbing, and wiring matters. Seemingly small details don’t escape our attention either; pin lead-ins, air bleeds, test ports, flex hose and wire routes, and other basics that can confound installations are engineered in advance.

Every Passion system includes our unrivaled commitment to your project. First evidenced by the drawings and installation instructions that you will receive; our broad installation support also includes exceptional accessibility to phone and email assistance and available on-site service.

Expertly Manufactured

Passion employs the latest, finest manufacturing methods. Our designs are brought to life by highly skilled and specialized professionals who are among the best in their fields.

Our thorough quality assurance processes ensure products and systems of the highest caliber. Our conscientious approach to manufacturing places quality first and yields well-made and safe machine components and subsystems that perform and endure

Carefully Tested

Every product and system we engineer is thoroughly and carefully factory tested. From maintaining detailed documentation to our open-door policy, we believe in complete transparency.

Our experts are available upon request to help develop and specify the most appropriate test procedures for your project. We are also happy to fulfill requests for special project-specific tests that require custom test fixtures when necessary.

Professionally Executed

Passion is committed to honest, accurate, and timely communications with our clients. You’ll speak directly with engineers and project managers and not sales agents to ensure delivery of clear and accurate information.

Passion’s team thrives on engagement with clients and customers. When you call Passion Engineering, you can expect a knowledgeable professional that is interested in your project and eager to respond to your requirements with thoughtful solutions.

We Want to Help Your Projects Succeed

Elevate machine performance and simplify projects with hydraulics engineered for your application.