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Custom Hydraulic Power Unit, Control, and Data Acquisition Systems


Hydraulic systems and power units for machines that absolutely have to work



Passion Engineering provides custom engineered systems of any size and pressure for demanding projects. All work is comprehensively tested and furnished with thorough, detailed documentation. Conservatively and meticulously designed and manufactured, Passion’s systems prioritize safety, performance, reliability, and compliance to customer and third-party requirements.

  • Precision force and motion control with proportional valves, servo valves, and controllable pump systems
  • Designs for hazardous areas and exposed marine environments
  • Systems for all hydraulic fluids: petroleum based, environmentally acceptable, fire resistant, and MIL types
  • Engineered noise mitigation provisions are standard. Special, additional protective measures for exceptionally sensitive applications are available
  • Integrated temperature control systems
  • Reservoirs and structural skids of various materials; steel, stainless, aluminum, and specialty alloys
  • Multi-pump systems, fluid conditioning kidney loops, dedicated pilot supply systems
  • Engineered, highly effective contamination control with conservatively sized filters
  • Integrated instrumentation and sensing: temperature, fluid level, pressure, vacuum, differential pressure, filter condition, valve position, flowrate, pump displacement, water and particle contaminants, vibration.
  • Custom valve manifold assemblies for any environment
  • Wheeled and mobile systems
  • Comprehensive factory testing and documentation

Precision Control and Data Acquisition Systems

Passion Engineering employs PLC based and RealTime System controls to automate and control machines. Our systems often include high-speed, closed-loop motion (axis) servo controllers for precision position, velocity, acceleration, and force control. Multiple operational modes are supported and typically include setup, test, calibration, manual, and automatic processes.

  • Human-machine interfaces (HMIs); mechanical operator panels, joysticks, and touchscreen systems.
  • Radio control systems.
  • Redundant controllers and architectures for critical systems.
  • Systems for test machines/benches; including recipes, relational data bases, reports, post-test data utilities (data conversion, join, statistics, etc.)
  • Data Acquisition and processes (integration, filtering, etc.)
  • On-site training, detailed manuals, and exceptional technical support.
  • Various industrial communication protocols.
  • Field devices and controls for hazardous areas.

Perfect Your Hydraulic Machines

Elevate machine performance and simplify projects with hydraulics engineered for your application.